Our initiatives improve lives.

WJSFF is a nonprofit organization created by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to advance their commitment to improving lives and creating a positive social impact through the work their family does.

Mission & Vision.

Our mission is to turn the Smith family’s commitment to improving lives into high-impact opportunities, partnerships, and creative content. Our vision is a world in which people feel empowered to utilize their own potential to improve lives.


Championed by Jada Pinkett-Smith, Transformation amplifies unheard voices by inspiring, informing, and igniting conversations. WJSFF provides access to and promotes inclusion in entertainment and the arts through a number of prestigious partnerships and programs, shaping the future of the industry in which they work and create.

“Regardless of who you are or where you came from, your voice is important.” – Jada Pinkett Smith


Championed by Trey Smith, the Foundation advances Wellness in many different  ways, from helping young people develop skills, habits, and relationships that will keep them healthy into adulthood to providing needed care and treatment for those struck by serious illness.

“Inward is the Journey.” – Trey Smith


Championed by Jaden Smith, WJSFF provides grants and support to organizations that are using Innovation to catalyze new solutions to keep our natural world healthy and deliver the essential elements of life to our communities. 

“My goal is to motivate as many people as I can to become  solution-based activists.”– Jaden Smith


Championed by Willow Smith, the Foundation amplifies and activates the power of women and girls.

“Putting out a message for young girls to follow their dreams” – Willow Smith

Joyful Discovery

Championed by Will Smith, WJSFF provides grants and support to organizations that help people seize their full potential.

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” – Will Smith

Our Partners

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These two are making our world a better place! 🙏 Thank you @climatereality and @futureearth for hosting such an incredible event. #changemakers #visionaries #changetheworld ...

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Empowering the voices of young women in film is imperative. 🙌 This year we partnered with @americanfilminstitute to create our AFI Young Women in Film Workshop, where 45 high school girls had the opportunity to engage in an 8 week hands on filmmaking mentorship program! These ladies are the future!👏 #AFI #flashbackfriday ...

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Over 500 meals delivered! Thank you Harlem❤️ @iloveyourestaurant #tbt ...

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We believe.

  • Human potential is limitless
  • Excellence and achievement are defined by lives impacted
  • Change begins in communities
  • Achieving impact requires bravery
  • Anything worth doing is worth doing with passion

Make an Impact. Join Us Now.

It takes a visionary to create history.

WJSFF was founded in 1996, with an initial focus on making grants to projects of interest to the family.
The Foundation is led by Jana Babatunde-Bey, a veteran media industry executive, brand manager, and legacy builder. Having served as the WJSFF CEO since its creation, Mrs. Babatunde-Bey uses her expertise, leadership, and relationships to transform the Smith family’s passions into strategic alliances, programs, and content.