Storytelling is power. Storytelling with purpose is empowerment.

The WJSFF believes every person has the right to pursue excellence, but understands not everyone has the resources to fulfill their greatest potential. WJSFF bridges that gap to success by providing exposure, inspiration and support for overlooked communities, in the form of grants, programs, events and mentorship.

Program Spotlight: The Jump

Inspiring over $560M in donor commitments to ECW’s misson.

Will’s historic charity bungee jump over the Grand Canyon inspired $240 million in donor commitments to WJSFF’s education partner, Education Cannot Wait (“ECW”). As of September 2019, Will’s commitment to empowering and educating the next generation has cumulatively inspired over $560 million in donor commitments to ECW’s mission.

Program Spotlight:

Initiatives of Jaden Smith

Jaden is advancing empowerment in a variety of ways. Most notably, he is bringing his love of vegan healthy eating to the world through the I Love You restaurant, providing free, healthy vegan food to people facing food insecurity across Los Angeles and beyond


Because everyone’s dream is different, and the world needs all of us, our Empowerment work is diverse and multifaceted. We partner with organizations like the National Cares Mentoring Movement, which pairs children with supportive mentors, and with the Boys and Girls Club of America, which creates safe and constructive environments for young people.

We also focus on supporting people who have endured unspeakable trauma but remain resilient. For example, when Willow learned about the scourge of modern-day slavery from a documentary at school, she discussed with Jada what they could do. Jada researched the issue, and quickly became an advocate, including appearing in the CNN Report Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking. Today, WJSFF empowers human trafficking survivors served by organizations like the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Human Trafficking (CAST) and New Friends New Life.

The Smith family is also investing in social entrepreneurship ventures, such as the
Dreamers Fund, a joint endeavor between Will and Japanese soccer star, Keisuke Honda, that will allocated $100 million to startups that address social issues that align with their values.