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WILL Book Club

The WILL Book Club is a global community, built around the themes of the book. The purpose of the club is to transform the path of youth around the world — deepening their love of reading, culture, self-expression, self-healing, and self-awareness.

Members will be invited into the immersive world of WILL and his life journey through global book club communities, heartfelt conversations, and exciting events!

WILL is the memoir of Will Smith

To be released globally on November 9th, 2021, the book highlights various key messages and themes that are pivotal in the lives of young people.

How it works

Core groups of young people will read the book together (virtually and/or in person) and discuss key themes while evaluating how those themes show up in their own lives.

WJSFF will provide digital discussion guides to club leaders to support you in the process.

Club members will be invited to share their thoughts on the book and engage with Will through events, conversations, and experiences.

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