Los Angeles, CA, October 2nd 2018

The Careers in Entertainment Tour returned to Los Angeles to inspire students as they begin, or develop, their career paths.

The event offered panels and advise from industry trailblazers in entertainment, where they discussed how they got their start and what advice they would give their younger selves.

“We decided we want to start reaching out a lot more to marginalized communities that don’t have a lot of opportunities to create films, write their stories—for us to hear their voices,” said Jada Pinkett Smith. “I felt that we needed to reach back even further into the communities and go to the schools and travel the country and educate young people on what is available in the industry if you really want to create an avenue for our voices to be heard and our lives and/or stories to be told more authentically.”

Students were able to chat with professionals who offered exclusive tips on how to get started in creative professions and ask entertainment companies how they hire for diverse new voices. While connecting with influential changemakers, attendees learnt how media platforms can be built and used to inspire a more equal and inclusive future for the world.

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